Group training is about getting the most from a session with a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer. Not only being accountable to your own unique fitness journey but accountability with a group of like minded fitness focused individuals.

Group training is not for the faint hearted but at the same time it could be the best way to get your motivated and fired up towards your fitness goals.

Not just the 2 sessions per week but access to your own personalised training plan, nutrition guidance and 24/7 in app messaging. Not only that you will become a team player with other fellow Inferno Phoenix members making sure you stay motivated and on fire.

You will get access to great training sessions focused on your goals by sharing


From day one we will look at different ways to measure your progress. We will sit and discuss previous training you have been doing, review what nutrition plans you use, how you approach your nutrition, how your week looks and how you approach each day. Using a variety of progress pics, boditrax measurements and tools we will track your progress.



Everything we do together or independently, we track using the app. Entering weight, fat percentages and many other statistics gives us a picture for what your body is doing and how it is adapting. We record progress photos, link to myfitnespal and other tracking devices, all this makes a positive impact on your journey. Understanding how different things impact your fitness means we get better long lasting results.


Food is a vital element of any fitness journey and this isn’t about a diet or basic everyday food plans. We will work together step by step to make nutrition the centre of your routine. Tracking your meals in myfitnesspal helps keep you accountable and helps you understand what nutrition is about. we will talk about food, there is no negative just the positives. Nutrition is about choices and adjusting what you eat around the time you have. If you need more support then we will add more into your training programme to ensure you make progress.


A key component to any fitness journey is to factor in your lifestyle. Training, nutrition and recovery should be based upon your lifestyle or the lifestyle you want to have. We are all busy people but fitness and personal time must be the centre, as this means you will perform at your best more and more effectively. We work to make training part of the daily routine, we work on nutrition to take into account work and play. The key to success is, honesty, tracking and balance. Together we will succeed.


Habits are a focus here at Inferno Fitness because we know they are a foundation to success. Every day life is filled with habits, from the moment you wake up your routine is based upon habits. Some habits are great and some habits could be better. It isn’t about bad or good habits but making habits that help you succeed. Simple changes can have a massive impact upon your lifestyle and your fitness journey. It takes over 14 days to make a new habit become routine. Let’s make that happen together.


Support from day one, from the moment you have your consultation, I will be with you by phone, text, email and in app messaging. This support is there to ensure you make success. Face to face training sessions, follow up chats, emails, facebook group, in app messages and much more. Everything is about you. Your journey, your path. Just having that person to listen, advise and support is the best thing in the world and the best way to make the progress you want.


Even more than just your training plan, nutrition or habits. Challenging you every step of the way. I provide recipes and other ideas about food to make sure you stay on track. On top of the basic packages that are on offer there are free recipes, knowledge bombs, ideas and more. To further make your journey a success there are additional add ons to your package. Full exciting recipes with macros and calories included in downloadable and hardcopies. Visit the the shop and download page.

Group Training Packages

Group Training is affordable, fun and still as motivational as 1:1 training. It is a great way to feel part of a wider community, everyone working as hard as you. This might your way to reach your long term fitness goals, it may be the start of your journey towards 1:1 training or it may be something you add to your 1:1 training to add more success and accountability to your journey. Groups sessions will happen on a weekly basis and you will be part of a great team. Sessions are limited to 10 members and run for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Personalised Training App

With any bespoke personal training package, you will have access to the Inferno Fitness Academy App. The app allows you to take your training, nutrition and support anywhere. The app includes:

  • Training plans, nutrition guidance and accountability, workout logbook.
  • Weight measurements, sleeping data, step count and daily habits tracking.
  • In App messaging and notifications to keep you informed, motivated and access to me 24/7.
  • Fully detailed training plans with video tutorials, notebook, reps and weight tracking.
  • Compatible with other fitness apps to keep all your progress in one place includes; myfitnesspal, Fitbit, Withings and Apple.
  • Allows you to review your progress in graphs and compares uploaded progress pics instantly.
  • In your pocket so even if work gets in the way, you go on holiday then you can still track and workout.