We all start somewhere…

Nicole started her journey from looking at old photos of herself and starting to work out how and why her body and mindset had changed in such a small window of years.

She had been working with me previously and was making amazing progress with an increase in muscle mass, improvement in fitness knowledge, improved understanding of her nutrition and growing in confidence about her choices.

But a hectic work life and not to forget Covid got in the way of making the most of what she had learnt. Then she signed up to the 12 Week Challenge. Not a I will help you drop loads of weight challenge or even a let’s get ripped challenge. The Inferno Fitness Academy 12 Week Challenge is beyond just 12 weeks and set you up for long lasting results, training and habits that will last a life time. Based upon the 7 points of progress to ensure you focus on progress as a whole and not just a part of your journey.


The scales are everything and well not everything. Many Trainers will say ditch the scales, some would say watch them and focused on them. Well Inferno Fitness Academy says use them daily but know there are 6 other things that breed success.

The scales are very important and Nicole has learnt this. She has formed the daily habit and it allows her to see progress, to see when things are about to change and predict when big changes are happening. Nicole’s weight is now at the lowest it has been in 2 years.

Each dip or peak shows days where her body is being good at processing her body changes or not. If these had been the check in days her motivation would have dropped. Seeing her daily results has driven her to more focus on keeping everything CONSISTENT.