When it comes to getting a routine, following a programme, you need to be accountable. Having a coach will support your goals, will break down barriers and will be rewarding.

This is not a 12 week transformation before and after photo. This is about enjoying fitness, challenging yourself and becoming a happier more active you. The Hyrox programme is about combining a range of exercises that increase your strength, improve your cardiovascular fitness and build your endurance to perform at your best.

Working with me will help you over come barriers and improve your ability to face every workout to the same level.

We will plan around your work-life, home-life and what you want to achieve. Incorporating cardio training, weight training and exercises classes/hobbies that you want to partake in. Hyrox will be only the first goal as you progress.

The programme will involve the movements and workouts to perfect your Hyrox race workouts.

An 8 – 12 week online or face to face training programme to get you ready for your first race day. A hybrid training programme combining strength, functional and cardio training based on Hyrox workout movements. A pace race cardio programme using a range of running techniques and functional cardio exercises to build your endurance levels.

There are both online and face to face packages available for this “Hyrox Starter” programme.

Competed for the first time or a number of races under your belt but not seeing an improvement in your overall timings or a workout or race letting not improving.

Get a race analysis, identify the areas to improve in priority and start a programme to improve in all areas. An 8-12 week workout programme to increase your overall performance but to improve your priority areas.