“I lacked motivation, training was not consistent and I would skip sessions as I wasn’t accountable. I signed up for a PT session with Chris and I am now in my 6th month of training. The results are amazing, I attend the gym 5 times a week, I eat better and I’m more confident with myself.”

Sarah, Salford Quays.

1:1 Gym Training

Joining the gym was the first step towards a better and healthier you. You identified you wanted to change and you have your eye on a goal be it weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain or to be more confident.

You’ve been in the gym, you have the trainers, you bought that fancy water bottle and now you just want direction.

Getting a Personal Trainer is the next and the best step to get you focused, motivated and in the direction of that goal.

A gym focused personal training programme is probably the next step to achieve your long term goals.

“I wanted to be more muscular and feel more confident about myself. I struggled to get to the gym even once around work, sometimes I missed the gym for a whole week and didn’t really understand about what I needed to eat to get the results I wanted. I signed up with Chris at Inferno Fitness Academy, based at Pure Gym Exchange Quay, Manchester, and the results I have achieved and maintained even through lockdown are amazing. Each week I get stronger and further towards my ever changing goal.”

Aaron, Eccles.

Online Training

Not getting to the gym as much as you liked, find life too busy at times or you find that training in the gym too much. Online training could be the best step to meet your long term fitness goals.

Weekly check in with Chris, programmed exercise with the gym equipment you have and even face to face training over the internet to fit into your busy schedule.

Online training is flexible, functional and worth every penny you invest.

Workouts can take place at home, outdoors or you can use the local gym following the programming, nutrition guidance, meal plans and ongoing support.