Monday Morning Blues

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I love it when people say, “I hate Mondays”. If the week started on a Tuesday, you would hate Tuesdays. The phrase is just a way to express your feelings towards having to go back to the routine you don’t particularly like and is more controlled by someone else than you.

Unfortunately, we must work unless you are a millionaire, retired or medically unable to. The crazy thing is work is controllable!! You must get yourself into the mindset that work is just a tool to allow you to live the life you want. Without money to pay the rent, the bills, and the gym membership you have then what would the point be. Even if you are a millionaire or retired you still need a routine otherwise nothing would get done and you would either go insane or become very unhealthy.

The Monday blues are easily avoidable, you must decide what you want and how bad you want it. I have recently understood lots of things I feel I want to do, are not the things I, want to do! Living in a lively city like Manchester, I have been there, and I feel your pain when you think you must go out every Friday night, you must socialise every weekend, you must drink or go out for fancy meals, the list goes on…

BUT what I can tell you is, you do not have to be this socialite person, in fact you are avoiding the obvious. Your own company and mental health. There is nothing wrong with being at home on a Friday night having a good home cooked meal and watching some TV, nothing wrong with getting up on a Saturday morning without a hang over and embracing a good day of you time, nothing wrong with getting up on a Sunday and hitting the gym for an extra cardio session. In fact, there is nothing wrong with having more time for yourself and saying “No”, to friends and family.

To the point, friends, and family that peer pressure you, guilt you into going out or doing something every weekend are not good friends or caring about you as a person. You hate Mondays because you spent all weekend partying, socialising, and spending time recovering from keeping up with other people and when you get to Monday morning, all you want to do is have some you time.

The solution is simple, plan your week and put YOURSELF first. Part of your, “I hate Monday” syndrome is your tired, you haven’t eaten well or done your life admin. If you spend all week working hard and dreaming about Friday to then spend the weekend trying to do everything then you are going to be exhausted and mentally drained, just to repeat all again the following week. If you keep up this cycle, I can tell you that your body will fight back, and it will make you ill.

You must find a balance and prioritise yourself. All our clients here in Manchester, have found that spending 3-5 hours a week doing structured exercise, learning how to eat right but still enjoy the occasional night out, putting in time each day to reflect and get organised has dramatically increased their energy levels, their productivity and overall happiness. It’s not about restriction but discipline. They find a structure of classes, face to face training and independent training hard to begin with but then swear by the ease it is to complete stuff when you plan your week around yourself. They don’t have the “Monday Blues”, in fact they look forward to Monday as a new level of their fitness, another week of hitting goals and having a balance that means they get everything done.

The Monday blues are coming for you unless you choose to change your focus, your mindset, and your habits. Trust me, you will get more in life, when your Monday to Friday is focused on a routine of exercise, nutrition, and well-being. That your weekends will be crazier but controlled to maximise the time you have before heading into work for another great week. Change it up, be energised and become a better you.