Training Post Lockdown…

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Not everyone is going to head back to the gym on 12th April and to be honest there is no rush. What we will say is you need to increase the workouts intensity, the resistance or change it up with nome new equipment. Everyone has been asking what equipment would be good to buy for home workouts and continuing to make progress with their long-term goals.

Firstly, you do not need to go out and buy expensive equipment. Most workout can be completed using body weight exercises and with a change in the number of sets and reps. Also, there are plenty of alternative household items you can use to add resistance to your work out. Try saving a range of milk, cordial and water bottles that can be filled with water. 1lr of water is equal to 1kg in weight thus you can work out with a range of resistance up to 5kg in some instances. Remember the resistance do not need to be large to have an impact on muscle growth. 

Here are my top pieces of home equipment that can be great while at home and in the future when you cannot make it to the gym.

Yoga / Exercise Mat

A very good basic essential is a yoga/gym mat. This is great for a range of workout options. It gives you a non-slip surface on hardwood/tile/carpet surfaces. It provides a soft and supportive surface for you to lie or kneel onto for your workouts.

You don’t need to spend a fortune a reasonable workout mat will set you back £10 and is easy to store. You can also use it for yoga classes at the gym, outdoor workouts and home workouts.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any workout at home or at the gym.

I would recommend a red and black from this type of set for home workouts and all four if you plan to use them in the gym. The thicker the width of the band the more resistance it has. Each can be used in a variety of ways for workouts. Again, don’t be spending a fortune of bands as gyms should provide bands for use. For now, a red and black band will be enough to get you started and shouldn’t cost you more than £20.


Another great gym item that has a multitude of exercise options is an aerobics step. This provides a suitable incline for body weight workouts, can be set high to be used as a bench and can be used for cardio HIIT sessions. I wouldn’t be buying an expensive step; I purchased the one pictured for £25 and has three settings. Some of this type come with five settings. Again, this piece of kit can be used at home and outside. It stores relatively easily, can be wiped down easily and gives you more exercise options for now and when you might not get the gym.

Suspension / TRX set

A great long-term investment is a TRX like system. TRX as a brand can be very expensive. Alternatives like this one range from £10 to £50. This again allows you to extend the exercises you do at home and gives alternatives when you can’t get to the gym. It attaches to a door frame or a suitable outdoor fixed post. This allows you to utilize your body weight to add more resistance to your training. A great investment for the summer to take your gym routine outside.

Home training shouldn’t be expensive and for the time the gyms are closed it is an option. I would say spending a little money that you would normally spend on nights out, partying or takeaways on some gym kit essentials will add more motivation to your workouts and focus you on the long-term goals you set.

Finally, you need to get yourself a programme and you need to focus on tracking. Maybe time to invest in an online training programme with a Personal Trainer to keep you motivated, accountable and make sure you are having fun while working out.