Monday Morning Blues

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I love it when people say, “I hate Mondays”. If the week started on a Tuesday, you would hate Tuesdays. The phrase is just a way to express your feelings towards having to go back to the routine you don’t … Read More

Focus on the long term first…

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When it comes to training, people seem to always think of goal and then expect to achieve it in 30 days, or see results in a week. All the professional athletes, body builders, fitness professionals didn’t build their physiques in … Read More

Back to the Gym

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Manchester is opening up on the 12th April which includes gyms, all going well with the governments roadmap to coming out of lockdown. Maybe this is your opportunity to set a new goal for 2021 and improve your physical and … Read More

Working From Home and Exercise

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The working from home phase of lockdown has become the normal and even in Manchester, it will continue as businesses adapt to a new hybrid of working ethos. The highlight is living in a city like Manchester means you have … Read More

Fitness is essential even during a lockdown

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Life has become a little hectic and daily life has to be changed to support the global issues and to maintain your health. This doesn’t mean your fitness journey has to be paused. Gyms are still open and most gym … Read More

Sleep is important

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From training to eating, sleeping is very important to any fitness routine or healthy lifestyle. For many years I have been exploring the world of sleep to improve my own health and lifestyle. Sleep is essential if you want to … Read More

Train, Train and Train

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Training is essential to any programme of exercise to reduce weight, reduce fat mass or gain muscle. It really does depend on your fitness background, your desired goals and your familiarity with exercise for you to start training. A good … Read More

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