Your First Personal Training Session

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Great you have taken the first step to a better you. You found a gym which fits into your routine, you’ve signed up with the intention of going 3-4 times a week and you’ve even found a personal trainer that you feel will help you meet your goals. But now you are anxious, feel like this is too much or even you are just a little nervous to meet with the trainer because you’ve made so many decisions already. We’ve been there, we’ve had the same thoughts, the same emotions and we can tell you you are not alone. Be proud that you are on this journey.

Stick to the positives. You have started a new journey because you want to change. Your personal trainer is there to guide you, inspire you and motivate you. All you need to do is be prepared and then you will see that it will be great, you’ll feel great and you will look great.

Excellent, you are on your way to achieving your goals and becoming the best you. In preparation for your first PT session take a look at the top tips below. These handy tips will ensure every session is successful and that you get the most from your personal trainer.


– Always arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your session

– Pre-workout: bring to the attention of the Trainer any questions, injuries or concerns that you may have regarding the coming session

– Post-workout: This is an ideal time to speak to your trainer about any questions or concerns you have regarding the program as a whole, so please take advantage of this or follow up via email/phone.


– To eliminate the risk of avoidable injuries, pay close attention to all the instructions given by the Trainer. If you are unsure of the form or technique, ask the trainer again to check.


  • Each and every member must treat each other with courtesy and respect …. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Everyone works at different abilities and speeds when it comes to training. What is easy for some is hard for others. Just because a weight doesn’t seem to go up does not mean you are not progressing. We support each other positively.

Gym Clothing:

  • Ensure you are wearing appropriate gym clothing; t-shirt/vest, shorts/joggers/leggings and trainers with socks.
  • Clothing should be appropriate to the conditions of the environment you are training in etc. outdoor footwear for outdoor conditions.
  • Water bottle with fresh water and a towel if required.


  • During all sessions ensure you drink plenty of water.
  • Ensure you have eaten something before your workout. (We do not advise working out on an empty stomach unless you’ve started a fasted cardio session, but check with your trainer to see what they want you to do to maximise each session.)

Use it and put it away:

  • Help in the set-up and wrap up of each workout.
  • Help keep the gym tidy by putting away your equipment
  • Be mindful of putting equipment down that may cause an obstruction to other gym users.

What you will find is, routines are essential to maintain focus, motivation and to reduce the time it takes to workout. We have routines for work, leisure and family. Your exercise routine is just as important. Put out your training clothes before you go to bed, fill your water bottle and put it in the fridge to chill, have your lunches prepared ready to or have your gym kit in the car. Be prepared for the weather to change. Just because it is raining outside doesn’t deter you from being in the gym. If the weather is great outside, think about moving your session to a quieter time so you can get both done in the same day. Habits are the hardest to change and if you plan to meet your goal then take the time to reinforce good habits. We can say from experience that changing your habits maximises your chance of success and within that ‘compromise’ so you enjoy the journey as well.

Until next time, enjoy working with your personal trainer and see if the top tips above help you change your habits to maximise your success.