Focus on the long term first…

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When it comes to training, people seem to always think of goal and then expect to achieve it in 30 days, or see results in a week. All the professional athletes, body builders, fitness professionals didn’t build their physiques in a week or 30 days.

Even looking back on my own fitness journey, I didn’t loose weight or gain the muscle I have overnight, and I am still working towards that long term goal.

Working in Manchester, having moved from the north east I have seen more variety of body shapes, sizes and the lengths people go to to get their goals. And time and time again I have witness people taking extreme measure and getting results that only last a few months if not only a few weeks.

A good trainer/coach will establish a sensible time frame for you to reach that ultimate goal. Even though that goal has been set sometimes things get in the way and you have to be prepared for set backs, the ups and the downs. The core ingredient to all those amazing physiques out there, come from consistently planning training sessions, preparing good nutrition and learning how their unique make up affects fat loss and muscle gain.

Even now as a full time trainer I am still perfecting the perfect balance of training, nutrition and reviewing for success. Each time the goal has been reviewed and adapted to the conditions around me. My clients work hard, and fully commit to the programme with the constant review and understanding on each 4 weeks we look at where that long term goals now lies.

That is only the first step, building up your form, getting your weights right, looking at your eating, getting in the sleep, recovery and well mindfulness is all essential for a long term goal. Learning this takes weeks if not months as we need to change something, embed that change and then review. Once we have done this once we add the next layer of the long term goal. After 3-6 months you have a foundation of success that means months 6-12 are the icing on the cake to transform, tweak and chisel away to get the final result.

Lockdown in Manchester has been bad and good. Bad becasue fact we lost all the things we love doing, being restricted and forced to do things differently. This has been a massive not just for people in the city but all over the UK. But then good because the amount of walking, places to see and having more time to focus on fitness and well being has been a god send.

Lockdown 2.0 we braced the restriction with more focus on using this time wisely and we did here at Inferno Fitness Academy, outdoors with clients, changing our goals and working out focused on fat loss and building strength.

Then lockdown 3.0 became a goal not an excuse. A timely goal to use what we had explored and started changing to make it a success. And it was a success. We came out of Lockdown 3.0 stronger, lighter and more toned.

Success because we focused on smaller goals within the long goal and adapted every 4 weeks. If you find goal setting hard then maybe it is time to got in touch with us here to see where we can go. A journey based upon on your needs, your lifestyle and adapted every 4 weeks to make is successful during and beyond the deadline day.