No gym, no face to face session, just having someone to help you focus….

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Having a personal trainer does not mean you have to go to a gym; it doesn’t mean you have to lift weights or in fact it doesn’t mean having face to face sessions.

As a personal trainer it is my job to help you focus on yourself and to get you active in the way you find comfortable. Clients come to me to have someone to help them be accountable, for someone they can talk to with confidence or to be there for to confide in without judgement.

When you look in that mirror you see yourself in a way that either you feel proud of or you feel ashamed of. I have been training for over 6 years towards different goals and I am just like you when I face that mirror. I now use that mirror as my goal focus. It makes me motivated to get the best from myself. Use that feeling to make a change, use that feeling to make a choice, take the step and then find that you have the motivation to be the best you.

Take my friend Jake, he wasn’t happy with the way he looked, we chatted on the phone, we zoomed for a consult and then I met him face to face to help him decide on what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be.

He wasn’t happy but he told me what he had done in the past and what worked and didn’t work. Then during our discussion, all I did was be the positive, supportive other point of view which made him make choices for a better him.  Jake identified himself what he wasn’t doing. He would be honest and say ‘It’s no excuse, I know.’ I smiled and just said, ‘What do you want to do about it?’

He showed me his wardrobe and one shirt in particular, then the plan started to form. Some people would then just say remove all the shirts that don’t fit and start there… not me I asked Jake to order the shirts in order of size. I asked him to wear the shirt that fitted and identify the next shirt down from that. His favourite shirt was the last one at the end may sizes smaller than he was right now.

After our meeting, we had decided on 3 things:

Be more active, walking and start towards running.

Track and record food he ate.

When a shirt was too big, throw it out.

We signed him up to the Inferno Fitness App, he weighed himself, I put together a habit tracker and a programme of exercise based on walking and running with some other core and strength sessions in the mix for variety.

We chat every week via the app messaging system or What’s app. I check in regular with him just to listen to what he has been doing, I can see his activity and his daily weigh in sessions, through the app. No gym, no home workout equipment just accountability of being active.

Jake has thrown away half of his shirts in the last two months and the tracking he does shows amazing results.

Body weight is down, body fat percentage and mass are down and muscle mass is the same.

These results are Jake progress story, his focus on eating better, being active and working towards the shirt he loves so much. Having a personal trainer is one of the best investments you can make in yourself just to have a person to talk through actions, ask for advice and to be your non-judgemental mirror. When I see Jake face to face, online or over the phone, I see and hear a guy who has made a change for himself and he is more confident and happier than before.

Jake’s journey is based up taking action, being honest and being consistent to achieve. The journey has only begun and with me by his side for a few more months he will achieve his first goal (Milestone) then he will be able to set another and go for that independently or with the support that works for him.

Start your journey today and see what you can achieve…