Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

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A trainer ensures that you do not injure yourself. A good Personal Trainer will guide your through every exercise by modelling, instructing and checking your form. This reduces the risk of injury, creates a good mindset for achieving your potential and ensures your form is spot on.

Personal Trainers are not expensive. When you look at the average training session being between £30 and £50, great packages come at a monthly cost, 3 sessions for 4 weeks a could be around £360. Suddenly you say that’s a lot of money but if  you weigh that up against the amount you pay for luxuries in your life such as clothing, cigarettes, dinner parties, meals out, going to the cinema then cutting back a little and using that money on your health and fitness is affordable. You swap out the bad habits and replace them with good ones you will realise you get the most of every month with your health and fitness as the for front of your life.

Motivation is a big winner when it comes to getting a Personal Trainer. I have been there; I went the gym did what I thought was my best and over time this changed from a good hour in the gym to going for 30 minutes just to say I went. With a Personal Trainer every session will be motivated, you will be your best and you will see better results. They makes sure every rep counts and push you beyond what you believe is your maximum.

The ‘no more excuses’ factor. Having that training session once up to three times a week stops the excuses and holds you accountable. The Personal Trainer is there waiting for you, it ensures you go, it ensures you work hard and it ensures you make progress. The Personal Trainer can be your therapist at the same time, talking through the ups and downs of the nutrition, or the work load at work and the changes in your mindset. The trainer will pick you up and make sure no matter the mental block, you will succeed. That session might be the breaking point in achieving your next milestone.

Variety, we can all follow a gym workout and have an idea of what we like but treading on that treadmill can become boring thus you lose motivation. Your Personal Trainer adds variety to the workout, change things based upon your progress, your mood or the equipment you avoid. Variety motivates and makes you succeed.

Personal approach, this is the most valuable part of having a Personal Trainer, they personalise every session towards you and what you want to achieve. They think about you and add value to your package making it motivational that keeps you on track.

Loosing that fat, a Personal Trainer ensures you track your calories, makes sessions intense to make you sweat, picks you up when you think you are about to give up. Loosing fat isn’t easy so having a Personal Trainer shares that responsibility and ensures you succeed.

Lifestyle change, having a Personal Trainer is a big step and is a commitment towards a healthier you. Even as a pro gym goer, I still pay my Personal Trainer once a week to maximise my success, to challenge my limits and to bounce off my ideas and workouts.

That all said and done, paying for a Personal Trainer will be the best choice you make in your life as it is a doorway to the best you.

As we say ‘Accept no half measures.’