Recovery is essential…

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Just because your body measurements, weight measurements or progress pics don’t show massive results today that doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress. Results take time.

STOP! Right in that moment that you are about to lose hope, give up or go home and eat ice cream to make yourself feel better. If you have a Personal Trainer or you approach a Fitness Coach at the gym then you need to listen to what advice they give, go away and make a plan. Body weight control, muscle gain or fat reduction is not an overnight success story. There is nothing out there that will instantly make you look like you want in the short term.

Everything we do with our clients is about lifestyle change and habit. We never change loads of things when it comes to meeting your short term and long-term goal. Take a look at the follow steps and take time to think about what it means.

Week 1 – Start training at the gym 3 times a week and record everything you eat.

Week 2 – Train at the gym 3 times a week and start eating your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) value of calories.

Week 3 – Train 3 times a week and start changing your eating to fit your body type macronutrient ratios.

Week 4 – Train 3 times a week and start drinking more water and maintain the food input with your TDEE and Macros

Week 5 to 8 – Train 3 times a week, drink water, eat your TDDEE and meet your macros.

After this basic cycle of habits, you are ready to adjust the training, the TDEE intake or the macros to see what effect it has on your body. What works for one may not work for the other, time to try, sustain and review.

Now the big one, Recovery. We have all had that feeling of guilt when we have started at the gym and we have had that pizza, that cake or we don’t go to the gym. Well stop feeling guilty, right now!

We cannot illiterate the need to rest. That means no gym, no running around, nothing that continues the working weeks stress or family drama. Train Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Each of the other days are just that rest days, switch off from work, have a lie in/early night, watch TV, read a book, meditate, cuddle up to your other half or the dog, put your feet up. Enjoy that time, relax, breath and most of all sleep.

When you sleep and relax your body resets, it takes in what exercise and food you have eaten, and it processes it. If we don’t get enough sleep then our hormones don’t balance which the effect the bodies response to stimulus, affects your energy levels and also affects the fat burn. We are not good at looking after out mental health and it is essential for you to take you time every day and every week. Life is hectic but I can guarantee your friends and family will enjoy being around a fresh and energetic you than a worn out and tired you.

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