Week 2: Being Accountable by Nicole

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One of the big things I’ve been learning is being accountable, especially on days when it’s cold and wet and all I want to do is stay inside in the warm and watch TV. Unfortunately for me, there’s not much room in the house to workout, so I have to go down to my garage. It was easy over summer because we had such good weather so working out outside really wasn’t a hassle for me, but now it’s absolutely freezing which doesn’t help things – especially when the plates and barbell are made of metal! So, being accountable has been a big learning curve for me and it’s something I know I’ll be learning more about it as I go on through the next nine weeks.

Part of the accountability has been keeping myself motivated and “in check”, by working out as much as possible but allowing myself the time to rest and recover when I need to. Rest has become a huge part of my life and it’s something I often feel guilty about. I am a big gamer – when I get addicted to a game – so, I love sitting down and just wasting hours away, but I have a voice in the back of my mind that says “you need to do this, you should be doing this” and this is a voice I’m trying negotiate daily with. If I haven’t got anything to do, or maybe I don’t want to do something, it’s okay to relax.

This week, I’ve tried new recipes and food, and I actually don’t feel stressed cooking because I’m cooking delicious meals. I also don’t really miss the takeaway that much – well, I do kind of miss ice cream from my local dessert parlour because I have a proper sweet tooth – so it’s actually been a lot easier. It’s really in the moments of hunger (not the snacky moments, the I-missed-my-lunch moments) that those “ooo, I fancy a pizza” come and those are the moments I know that I’ve got to watch out for.

So, to take away from this week – be accountable and keep motivated. Here’s to more successful weeks!