Week 3: Keeping Motivated by Nicole

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This week proved the hardest because my self-motivation dropped. It probably had something to do with those cold days, or maybe it’s because I just felt lazy and tired. To be fair, you can’t help things at times of being a woman, but still my energy levels dropped and I ducked out of training for the first few days. I decided to take rest days, but still focus on eating right and not giving up on that… until Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I had a PT session with Chris and was full of energy, more energy than I’d had over the first couple of days, and was bouncing around. I smashed my PT sessions, smashed a HIIT session on Thursday and again smashed another session on Friday. I told myself to make up the days I missed on the weekend, but decided to duck out of that too.

Now, at the end of week three, I’m very motivated for a hardworking week ahead. I’m planning to train Mon-Thurs and smash every session with all the energy I can muster and that’s me being accountable before the days have even happened. It helps that Chris has now set up a mandatory HIIT session on both Tuesday and Thursday and that I’ve got my PT on the other two days. But, I’m ready for it and I’m ready to smash it.

Where did this sudden motivation come from? I haven’t been below 80kg for two years, that’s a long time! And, I am now 0.5kg away from diving under it and that’s where I hope it will stay. So, I’m hoping by the time next Sunday comes around I’ll be writing how happy I was when those scales showed me I was at a lower weight.

Not only that, I can finally get out for a walk this week. I haven’t mentioned it on previous blogs, but we have been self-isolating since my boyfriend was diagnosed with COVID two weeks ago and now I’m free to go and see the world. My plan is take the entire hour at lunch time over the week to go out for a long stroll, even if it’s to my town and back (1 mile there, a bit of a walk around and 1 mile back). I don’t care if it’s going to be raining and snowing, I just have to get out.

Here’s to a successful week three and getting that weight down. 65kg here I come (well, maybe after six months of doing this anyway!).