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Many times, I have heard the phrases, “Lockdown is stopping me getting fit.” or “I can’t get result because the gym is closed.” Well, this is just an excuse! We are very good at making excuses; why the chores aren’t done, how we can only afford junk food, how bored we are at work or how skint we are and can’t afford a Personal Trainer. This existed well before there was such a term as, “Lockdown.”

So why do we feel the want to do something about our fitness, our eating habits or general well-being but we make the list of excuses. Simple you don’t want the end result bad enough. You wanted that pizza bad enough because you factored in all the ways it will make you feel and how easy it was to order. You went out that last Friday night and got drunk although you had absolutely no money, because you wanted it that bad. So why not focus on the goal and make it a dream. If you want something truly that much you will commit and you will succeed.

Making a life changing decision is scary from buying a car, to a house or just making your entire lifestyle healthier. And taking those steps are well emotionally and physically exhausting. Lockdown has been hard for many of us from the lack of money to the trapped feeling of isolation. But lockdown has given us all a chance to get fitter, be more active and if I am honest, create new habits that will make life after lockdown so much better.

When have you had the time you have been given in lockdown to spend on yourself? You are working from home now, a concept that your boss never thought possible, removing your daily commute of say 90 minutes per day. You are able to get up, work out, shower, sit and eat breakfast, see the kids before school and start work. This new lifestyle has probably been not as happy or routine as I just mentioned because you felt lost, you felt de-motivated, you felt things you needed in life are not possible. But look you just regained 90 minutes a day from having to sit in your car, on the tram or train, time wasted rushing around, eating on the go or stressing you are going to be late. That’s a lot of time, and time is precious, we cannot reclaim lost time.

So for some of you, you have taken advantage of this lockdown and the two before that. You created a routine that works, a routine that is focused on you. If you are one of those right now, sat there, eating more than normal, staying inside, not getting up early or your staying awake later, then read one, I have the secret to success of getting the most from lockdown.

What is the secret, the secret is want? The more you want something the more you focus on it and the more success you have. Right now, search your phone, your albums or the internet and find the photo of you in the body shape you loved, or a photo of the body shape you want to have. Now define when you want to look this amazing, be realistic, I would say 12 to 20 weeks. Seems a long time but we need to be realistic. How are you going to get there, you are going to get there by starting with 5 simple steps…

Step 1:

Track everything you eat for the next week. Then review by finding out how much you should be eating, get in touch (chris@infernofitness.co.uk) for free to discuss what you should be eating. Then all you need to do is track food against this daily calorie count. No need to food prep, no need to worry about a diet just eat what you enjoy within reason (bearing in mind we want it to be balanced and healthier) and keep it to that goal. This will make a massive impact on your energy levels, your motivation and your body shape.

Step 2:

Start the daily walk, not 10,000 steps (but that is a goal we are going to hit) but out the house/flat for 30 minutes, walk and return. Do this every day. Remember you have gained 90 minutes a day for you so then use it. Once you are getting out for 30 minutes then see what steps you are achieving. Remember 90 minutes of your day can be now focused on getting out and getting in 10,000. Again the 10,000 is the ultimate goal. One of my clients combining everything I taught her, found the steps the best challenge and had the biggest impact on her fat loss and mental wellbeing.

Step 3:

Routine. Get up, get ready and start the day. Stop staying up late, stop binge watching TV, stop having that lie in. If your normal pre-lockdown get up is 6am then get up at 6am, start your day. Up, large drink of water, to the window and get the sun, stretch and then be ready. Use this 45 minutes you would be commuting to focus on you. Go for the walk, do a yoga session, complete a HIIT workout, bodyweight workout. Again there is so many free resources out there for you time to use them or get in touch (chris@infernofitness.co.uk) for a more prescribed and personal workout routine.

Step 4:

Water: stay away from drinking too much coffee, tea and juice. Water is the best way to make sure your day is mor productive. Hydration is key for a healthy mind, good digestion and to curb that hunger. The lockdown hunger is not real hunger it is boredom or stress. Drinking cold water from a glass will create a positive affect on your body and mind. It is essential you get the body hydrated as soon as you wake up. Monitor your water intake and ensure you are drinking at least 1ml per calorie you consume.

Step 5:

Get moving and getting some good exercise. A good workout doesn’t have to be complicated, doesn’t need lots of equipment or a gym. What it needs is a plan and a consistent approach. Download an app, find a workout on line or ask for help and get a Personal Trainer / Coach.

Don’t skimp here. You need a programme that is based on your fitness levels, goals. It needs to be tailored to you and reviewed periodically. Also, you will make the most progress by having someone to be accountable to, someone who is monitoring you and challenging you to hit your workout session goals. A good personal trainer will be there every step of the way from monitoring your tracking, chasing you for updates and to be there to correct your form or motivate you to do those extra reps. And when you are tired or lacking the motivation, they will pick you up, remind you why you are doing this and make sure you get the success you need.

Find yourself a trainer with the values you like, but understand results come from hard work and long-term effort. Everything we do at Inferno Fitness Academy is about a sustainable long term healthy lifestyle. Don’t cap your expected time with your trainer but make sure you ask questions, hold them to account towards your own goals. If your coach is right for you then you will have gained knowledge, good habits, good form and will enjoy working out.

Want to make that change get in touch today and start your journey to a better you.